About Us

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Welcome to Bulk Trader, your dedicated online shopping store that connects suppliers and retailers.


Who are we? 

We are a team of talented IT specialists and Wholesale industry specialists that's looking to grow our company into a leading wholesale supplier marketplace for South Africa. 

We are a specialized bulk buying and selling marketplace where it's possible for retailers to get the best quality goods at the best price from trusted wholesalers in South Africa. Our website users enjoy the latest methods in secure ecommerce technology, backed by effective online marketing, efficient transporting systems and user-friendly dynamics.


Our specialty 

We specialise in trading in bulk and we're good at it! We understand that to discover high quality online portals offering reliable goods are scarce and that is what fans our flame. The online world is full of websites that claim to offer valuable and inexpensive solutions to bring suppliers and retailers but are not able to provide them. We want to change this paradigm and offer you the best online wholesale shopping experience.

Our strategic improvements are never ending as we seek to be the best! From supporting omni-channel customers, creating a mobile optimized site, and having a sales team that's dedicated to serving you and your business. We will make sure your products reach the right customer with minimal efforts.

With scams and the high online crime rates we have taken extra precaution to protect our website users and all transactions with a reliable and cost-effective approach to security and online payment methods.To eliminate the security breach and stress barrier we will take care of transactions using the latest encryption technology to make your shopping experience worth it. 


Our mission 

Our mission is to provide a reliable and trusted marketplace for Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers. When you smile we smile. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we constantly make sure our clients have a flawless experience. We want to take the work out of managing administration and ordering goods in bulk , and allow shop owners to focus on their customers and what they love. Our priority is allowing you to shop in complete freedom and with the certainty of having a dedicated team backing you up.

We spend a lot of energy and resources researching the best suppliers on the market and inviting them on our platform. Our ability to offer high quality accessories allows us to become one of the best dedicated stores on the market, with thousands of customers all around the world. 


What makes us different? 

We understand that every shop is unique and we make sure you get a wide variety of products and suppliers to choose from. Now you can continue making your buyers smile! When you shop on Bulk Trader size is never an issue, we deliver bigger amounts with ease and open retailers to a professional and secure gateway to move high volume goods online. Enjoy the benefits of exclusive B2B shopping made easy with product categories that fill up every shopping Aisle at affordable prices. Our suppliers, manufacturers and distributors work with us to offer unbeatable value with every purchase. We want to build a long lasting relationship with every client, your success becomes our success!


Enjoy the benefits 

The fun doesn't stop there! Bulk Trader offers an innovative approach to doing business and we decided to go all the way using the latest Crypto currency methods for moving goods. The Bulk Trader Coin now exists as a method of exchange and investment too. We welcome businesses to enjoy the benefits of this exclusive marketplace where we do all the nitty gritty and make it easy for you to shine in your sphere, show customers you care by offering the best product faster.